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Microbiome Therapeutics Formulation Services

SGS Quay Pharma is recognised as a world leader in formulation development and dosage form optimisation for oral, modified release and topical microbiome formulations including process engineering for sensitive APIs.    

SGS Quay Pharma offers a  robust approach to pre-formulation characterisations, prototype design space and stability evaluation  


Once we define the target product profile, our experts can develop a formulation development and manufacturing strategy designed to bring the product rapidly and effectively into the GMP production facility and into clinical use.

Our experience with modified release formulations allows sensitive microbiome APIs to be delivered to various gastrointestinal regions or provide prolonged residence in topical applications. In addition to drug product expertise, SGS-Quay has experience developing a variety of drug substance formulations such as freeze drying and spray drying.


SGS-Quay takes pride in our microbial containment procedures to ensure avoidance of cross-contamination between different APIs particularly microbial strains and bacterial strains allowing SGS Quay Pharma to work with single strains or consortia populations.


​Formulations developed by Quay are offered on a fee-for-service and royalty-free basis and aim to leverage commercially available excipients to de-risk future scale-up and global manufacturing.

Microbiome Therapeutics Oral Dosage Forms Offered by SGS Quay Pharma:

  • Immediate and modified release tablets and mini-tablets  

  • Immediate and modified release capsules including liquid and semi-solid filled capsules 

  • Oral multi-particulates such as beads, pellets and microencapsulation

  • Oral dispersible tablets, buccal and oro-dental dosage forms

  • Oral liquids

Other Formulation Development Dosage Forms include:

  • Liquids and semi-solids for topical delivery, such as creams, ointments, and gels

  • Nasal sprays and inhalation

  • Pessaries and suppositories

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Our Reputation

SGS Quay Pharma is recognised as a world leader in formulation development and dosage form optimisation for many product types.


Our Knowledge

SGS Quay Pharma retains unrivalled knowledge and expertise in the formulation development of pharmaceutical products designed for a modified or targeted release.


Our Experience

Very few companies globally possess the formulation, analytical and manufacturing development experience and capabilities matching SGS Quay Pharma.

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